Divorced Dads Unite

Sounds bit “Justice League” there for a second. “Wonder Twins Powers Activate….Shape of Popsicle, form of a bucket.” Something like that.

So, title says it all. I’m a divorced dad. I’m 1 month young, or in my first trimester…not sure how you are supposed to say that. I have four kids and the youngest are fraternal twins (boy/girl) who are 8. Yeah, the divorce sucked. Not because we fought over custody or anything, it just sucked! Sucked, losing my best friend. Sucked losing my wife of 16 years, sucked losing my family and really sucked not always having my kids with me.

My little girl is my new therapist. She knows when Daddy is hurting and she helps me through it, and her twin brother…does his best job as make shift comedian to help bring a smile back to my face.

It’s hard…every night since my littlest has gone to bed, I have asked her the same two questions: 1. who’s my princess? And who’s the most beautiful girl in the whole word? Her reply is always “me!” as it should be!

The hardest parts with all of this are the questions. The kid’s questions and especially the twin’s questions could make the bar look like a “Dick and Jane” book. Their questions are Hard! “Do you still love mom?” “Do you still wish you were together?” “Do you miss mom at night?” Do you wish mom stay home more?” …they go on and on…

This past Wednesday was the toughest!!!! They started asking about how I met their mother, how did I marry their mom…..then, very stupidly…don’t ask, I said without thinking…”Hey, I have the DVD from it.” Boy if at any point of time I could take words back it would have been then. All answers culminated into night where all the kids watched our wedding. I think I could get 5 minutes into it and bam, tears and I had to leave.

Dara came upstairs to console me and tell me its okay to miss mommy. Etc….I think I have her line of work picked out though.

How do you guys deal with this? How do dads of multiples deal with this? What do you tell them? How do you answer “The Questions?”

Anyway guys…don’t be afraid to write something. “Man Up!”””