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The DUBBE Awards: Best Books for Families with Multiples

Double Up Books just released the results of their first annual Double Up Books Book Excellence (DUBBE) Awards! Through popular vote, the following books were selected in these categories. You can find all of these books at www.doubleupbooks.com. Best Twin Pregnancy Book Twins 101: 50 Must-Have Tips for Pregnancy through Early Childhood from Doctor M.O.M. […]

Benefits of Joining a Moms of Multiples Group

By Carrie Kauffman I’m a member of a local Moms of Multiples group. We meet once a month, and it’s a great time to get out with other moms who have twins and more. Our multiples group has several outlets for sharing new ideas and helpful hints. We have a monthly newsletter that includes good […]

Red Leaf Papers Offers Unique and Attractive Twin Birth Announcements

Red Leaf Papers has just come out with some wonderful Twin Birth Announcements. The company’s founders, Allison and Olivier, are the parents of twins, and they felt strongly that there weren’t enough cute options for birth announcements for multiples. They solved that problem by creating their own! Take a look at some of the creative […]

Why I Love Being a Twin

Why I Love Being a Twin Why I Love Being a Twin By Debbie LaChusa Being a twin has its ups and downs. Over the past 45 years there have been times I wouldn’t trade being a twin for anything. Then there were the days I’d give anything to be a singleton. But all in […]

Should Twins Be in the Same or Separate Classrooms?

When your twins are ready to start school, the big question is always whether they would be better off in the same class or different classes (assuming there is more than one class in their grade level at that school). First of all, you should know that you may not have a choice! Some schools […]

Twins Pregnancy: A Father’s Point of View

by Dan Brunkow So you’re expecting twins. Congratulations! Are you still in shock? I sure was. The thought of bringing two babies into the world at one time scared the heck out of me, especially since I was already the father of two boys (ages five and three). I remembered how much work the first […]

How to Approach a Parent of Twins

By Diane Johnson You know when you run to the store and bring your twins along with you how people start coming out of the woodwork to ask all the regular questions, “Oh, twins? Boy, girl? Identical?” Then they usually follow up the question with some sort of comment that leaves your mouth agape. Well, […]