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The Best Mattresses for Spinal Support During Pregnancy

Having kids can be a long and tiresome process even under the most streamlined of circumstances. When twins are inbound however—all the normal problems tend to be amplified. Sleep disturbances are more than common among regular pregnancies, and aren’t necessarily that much worse during twins. The mattress you sleep on can contribute greatly to how well you […]

10 Must-Haves for Twins

By Erinn Stam Preparing for twins means more than just buying two of everything. As with singletons, there are many items of baby gear that are promoted as “essential” but that parents find they never use after a week or so. When you have twins, you have to be more selective about what gear you […]

Best Construction/Building Toys for Twin Boys

Boys love playing with dump trucks. It really isn’t certain why boys prefer to play with “useful” toys that serve a purpose — such as a faux construction tool set, dirt-picking bulldozer, or functional mini crane — but they do. Some experts cite biological disposition. Whatever the case, boys love toys that put their hands […]

Are You a Teenage Twin? We Need Your Help!

Being a teenager AND a twin can be a huge challenge! Not only are you trying to establish your own identity, but it’s complicated by the fact that people see you as a matched set (even if you look nothing like your twin). Bestselling author and mother of twins, Susan M. Heim, is putting together […]

Is It Possible for Twins to Have Different Fathers?

The answer is yes! According to Britain’s Daily Mail, that’s just what happened to Mia Washington when she was unfaithful. Her eleven-month-old twin boys, Justin and Jordan, are half-brothers. Experts say there is only a one-in-a-million chance of this occurring. When Mia was ovulating, she cheated on her partner, James Harrison, with another man. After […]

Needed: Step-Parents of Twins

Are you a step-parent of twins? Noelle, who is also step-parenting twins, is doing an article for TWINS Magazine and needs to speak with other parents like her. Please contact her at ecupaige@gmail.com. (You can also visit her blog, called Blended Dreams, at http://blenddreams.blogspot.com.)

Lessons in Twinland: Should I Purchase Two of Everything?

It’s the age-old question asked by many parents of multiples: Do I need to put two of everything in my shopping cart? When it comes to buying toys, clothing and school supplies for twins, parents often believe that if they don’t purchase two of everything, their children may feel less special or lose their sense […]

Mixed Race Couple Has Second Set of Unusual Twins

by Susan M. Heim In 2001, Alison Spooner of Britain gave birth to fraternal twin girls who were strikingly dissimilar. One daughter had fair skin, blue eyes and red hair like her mother, while the other daughter had dark skin and hair like her black father, Dean Durrant. This is an extremely rare phenomenon, but […]

Twin Communication

by Vikki Stark Family therapist Vikki Stark interviewed hundreds of women, teens, and girls all over the world for what she termed “The Sisters Project.” Her goal was to explore every aspect of the participants’ relationships with their sisters, both as children and adults. This passage is excerpted from a chapter entitled “Wombmates: Twin Sisters” […]