Win a Two-Pack of Baby Dipper Bowls!

You know a product is going to be great when it’s designed by a mom. I recently confirmed this when I discovered the Baby Dipper bowl, which is a perfect example of Mom Ingenuity in action. Invented by a mother of two sets of young twins, it was her solution to the problem of trying to feed her big family — while keeping one hand free and her floors clean!

Barbara Schantz, inventor of the Baby Dipper bowl, describes how she came up with her fabulous idea: “I was thinking that to accomplish one-handed feeding, the bowl should not slide around on the table, and it should aid in the collection of the baby food. A non-slip bottom surface would keep it from sliding. A sloped interior surface and a spoon-shaped collection point would help gather the food down to the last bite. Also, adding to those features, vertical sides would help push food onto the spoon and transparent sides would allow the food to be seen easily by both the parent and the child. The bowl I designed has proven to make feeding much easier for parents and even for toddlers trying to spoon-feed themselves. The Baby Dipper bowl is truly unique in the marketplace and hopefully will help parents everywhere.”

Barbara was kind enough to send me one of her bowls, and my boys thought it was so cool! It’s truly space-age looking, with its triangular design, nonstick base, sloping bottom, and curved spoon. I remember how many times our bowls ended up on the floor when my twins were small. This product would have been a real mess-saver for us! If you’re looking for a really unique and useful gift for someone who’s pregnant or has a baby, this fits the bill perfectly!