Why I Love Being a Twin

Why I Love Being a Twin

Why I Love Being a Twin

By Debbie LaChusa

Being a twin has its ups and downs. Over the past 45 years there have been times I wouldn’t trade being a twin for anything. Then there were the days I’d give anything to be a singleton. But all in all, I love being a twin. And, here are the reasons why.

(1) It’s something I have that most people don’t

Let’s face it, no one wants to be just ordinary. As a twin, I never have to worry about being just ordinary. I’ll always have something very special that separates me from the average person.

(2) There’s always been someone right there with me

My sister and I haven’t always been the best of friends, but she has always been there. And, I know she always will be. There’s a comfort in that.

(3) We share a connection no one but a twin could appreciate or understand

Whether it’s because we were conceived together or just that we shared nine months together in the womb before we came into this world, we are connected in a way that sometimes defies explanation. Like the times I’m thinking of calling her and suddenly the phone rings and it’s her. And, all those other little “coincidences” in our lives. We are connected in a special way.

(4) People think you’re special

Just consider how you look at twins when you see them. You take notice. Of course, it’s more prominent when the twins are identical, which my twin and I aren’t. But people still look at you differently even if you’re a fraternal twin. Simply because people are fascinated with twins.

(5) It’s like being a member in a private club

When I decided to start collecting twin stories for a book, I realized there is a whole “twin world” out there. Web sites, books, forums, groups. And you can only participate if you are a twin. We all share something that can’t be truly understood by outsiders. And, we have free lifetime membership in this special club.

Being a twin is truly an amazing experience. Sure, many twins have a stronger bond that my sister and I do. And many look a lot more alike than we do. But she’s still my twin. And we still share a bond. And it is truly special.

Debbie LaChusa is a fraternal twin and the founder of Twin Connections, a web site that celebrates the mysterious bond between twins. She’s collecting twin stories and invites you to Submit your twin story, read unbelievable, inspiring and incredible twin stories and subscribe to the free, monthly Twin Connections Update at http://www.Twin Connections.com

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