Ways to Entertain Your Twins in the Summer

By Monica Curran

As summer finally heats up, being outdoors is the place to be. No longer do children, especially twins, have to be stuck indoors watching television and playing computer games to keep them occupied. There are many things to do with twins outdoors. Swimming is one of the best things to do with twins, especially when it comes to swim lessons. Whether your twins are infants or older, it is important for them to take swim lessons. This is my twins’ second year of swim lessons, and they love it.

My twins are finally becoming comfortable with putting their whole head in the water, along with kicking at the same time. It is a good thing that all I have to do is walk across the street for my twins’ swim lessons. As much as my twins love being in water, it is very necessary that they learn to kick their legs, move the water with their arms and put their head in the water. This year, my twins’ swim lessons will last a couple of weeks, and then they will be off to do other things.

Along with taking swim lessons, my twins are finishing up their fall ballet class. Taking a summer dance class was a possibility, but we decided against it. Anything to keep my twins in motion and busy is a plus. For my twins’ fall Ballet Recital, they will be dressed in yellow and orange flower costumes and dancing to the song, “I’m Walking on Sunshine.” This dance recital theme is called “Seasons.” Once this ballet season is over, my twins will start up again in the Fall. In the meantime, my twins can play outdoors in their swing/slide play fort in our backyard, go for walks around our neighborhood to look for their favorite cat (“Romeo”), and go to the Downtown Farmer’s Market and get their faces painted and jump in the bounce house.

If your church, like mine, has a Vacation Bible School (VBS), you know they last a week and usually begin in the cool of the evening. Well, that is when my church has their VBS! Our church’s VBS this year is called Panda Mania. Oh, it will be so much fun! One of my twins just loves pandas. So, in her kind heart, she will be allowing the church to borrow her pandas for the week. As for me, I will be a volunteer with a professional photographer, who is volunteering his time.

Oh, my twins and I just love summer. It is a shame that summer only lasts three or four months, depending on what area of the country you live in. All I can say is have fun this summer with your twins and keep them safe, whatever age they are.

My name is Monica Curran, and I am a mother of fraternal twin girls who are five years old, going on six. Along with being a mother of twins, I am a freelance writer for various people and companies, a blog writer with three blogs, and a hat and headband designer for infants and girls of all ages. My newest blog is called TwiceTheFlowerHatsandHeadbands. My blog can also be viewed on Facebook. It would be great if you “LIKED” it!