Parents of Twins Create Braincandy DVDs, CDs and More

By Sam Reich-Dagnen

Once upon a time, when our twins–Blaise and Logan–were almost three, my husband and I had a vision. That vision was enough motivation to rethink our lives, our sense of family and our careers . . . soon Braincandy was born! In April of 2004 we quit our jobs and set up an office in the laundry room of our Seattle home. Having young twins was a handful and like all parents there were times when we just needed a little down time to take a shower or make dinner! In our diligent efforts to be conscientious parents, we discovered that what we were looking for–developmentally appropriate content that truly engaged our children rather than just putting them to sleep–wasn’t available. That’s when we began to form the ideas and concepts behind Braincandy. Editing our first DVD between “spin cycles” and the zen-like sounds of our Kenmore dryer, we saw our vision turn into reality.

Educational or entertaining? Why should a parent have to choose? With Braincandy, our approach is to infuse the fun back into learning and to honor each child’s ability to construct meaning on their own. Our first product offering, a series of developmental DVDs and CDs, is based on children learning about themselves and the world through their five senses. Our sweet, simple recipe forms the fundamental building blocks for early learning and begins to lay a foundation for social and emotional development. The content combines real kids doing real things, funny sense part puppets, simple face animations in bright bold colors and our ever popular Ipodders (silhouetted dancers), all set against a background of engaging, “kidified” music from reggae to classical and more.

We are not experts; in fact, we’re simply parents like you trying to give our children great opportunities to build the foundation for independent, creative thinking. We believe at this early developmental stage that this is accomplished through active play and experimentation. In a world where children are overstressed and expectations are built around traditional “outcome” driven models, our goal is to offer an alternative to parents. After conducting exhaustive research with the numerous studies and books available on the topic of early childhood development, and interviewing hundreds of parents, we’ve found that parents are looking for tools that help bring a more balanced approach to child-rearing and education.

At Braincandy, we believe passionately that young children are natural “creators” and “inventors” who desire to be challenged every day, asking questions and connecting the dots. Feeding that sense of wonder lets young children and their families worry less, play more and develop a life long love of learning.

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