New Twin-Authored Novel Delves into Unique Twin Relationship

“I’d rather betray God than betray my brother. I don’t know God. I can live without God. I cannot live without my identical.”

Adam Remler, in The Investigation of Ariel Warning

We all acknowledge that twins, and especially identical twins, are universally intriguing. Numerous studies and non-fiction books have been written about them. But rarely has a novel completely captured the synergy of this unique partnership so well.

The Investigation of Ariel Warning by Robert Kalich (which is available where all good books are sold) is a literary thriller that delves head-on into the meaning of “twinship.” This story centers on a young woman, Ariel Warning, who works for identical twins, Adam and David Remler, in their film company. For inscrutable reasons, Ariel romantically pursues both brothers simultaneously. “Every woman needs a sinner as much as a saint. I need both of you,” Ariel tells one twin.

Tragically, when Adam secretly betrays his brother, their lives experience a “shaking of the foundations.” Sensing danger, Adam begins an investigation into who this mysterious woman really is, hoping to protect his brother even as he betrays him. Adam’s search turns into a whirling dervish of twists and turns, surprises and puzzles, that ultimately lead him to the truth and a resolution.

Robert Kalich is a best-selling author with six titles under his belt. He has a singular understanding of “twinship” because the internationally acclaimed author, Richard Kalich, is Robert’s identical twin! Readers familiar with their books and The Kalich Organization (a NYC film production company) will find nuanced similarities between the real-life writers and the novel’s imaginary twin brothers.

The Investigation of Ariel Warning can be read as a mystery, but it is also an ambitious work of fiction in which the author touches upon the universal themes of the great works of literature: our painful awareness of the temporary nature of being and the necessity of courage in the face of ultimate aloneness. The further you read into this book, the more you will come to appreciate the depth of this extraordinary novel. I urge everyone to get a copy. Find more about the Kalich brothers as a team at