How to Find Free or Frugal Kid/Baby Items

by Cheryl Maguire

Kids and babies require everything from clothes to car seats and much more. As a parent of multiples, you will have to buy two or more of everything, which can add up quickly. Most of these items are expensive and are only used for a short period of time. Here are some ways to find free or frugal kid or baby items.

Ask Friends and Family If you need specific baby equipment or you are willing to accept any free kid/baby things, inform everyone you know. Most kid/baby objects are large and take up a lot of space. Some people are only too happy to pass along their things to someone else, especially if they are able to get much needed storage space back. I have received lots of free toys from my sister’s friend, a person I have never even met!

Consignment Shops There are consignment shops that only sell kid or baby used clothes and gear. Even though it is considered used, you can often find items in like new condition or clothes with the original sales tags still attached. Another benefit to shopping in a consignment shop is often you can also sell your used belongings or use it as credit to purchase new things. I am a member of a group for moms who have multiple (twins or higher) children called Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles (KPMM). KPMM is a non-profit organization, and they have a store where they sell used or like new baby and kid items.

Yard Sales Check your local paper to find out when and where the yard sales are being held. Sometimes home day cares also have yard sales. Many yard sales are filled with kid or baby items. One time I got a Cozy Coupe Car for $1 in like new condition. The regular retail price is $50!

Freecycle Freecycle is a network of people exchanging items for free. It is now present in 85 countries. You can join a Freecycle group in your area by going to the main website. I have given away a lot of items I would have had to pay to throw away. I have also received a free crib and toddler bed in like new condition.

Craigslist Craigslist is a classifieds page found in 50 countries. You can find items for free or for a fee. In addition to searching for items you need, you can also sell your used kid/baby items through Craigslist. My friend was able to purchase a like new outdoor play set for a fraction of the price if purchased new.

eBay eBay is a place where you can purchase or sell your used baby/kid items. eBay also has small businesses on their site. As I mentioned previously, KPMM has a store, and they also have an on-line store through eBay selling used kid and baby items.

Cheryl Maguire is the mother of boy/girl four-year-old twins and a baby girl. A stay-at-home mom, she runs a website called Swap Savers, which is a social network for frugal folks who love freebies, coupons and rewards.