Great Product for Managing Multiples’ Routines

By Moschel Kadokura

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I am a mom of four children: 19-year-old triplets (two boys and a girl) and a 10-year-old son. Through my initiation and “trial by fire” into parenthood, I learned that we parents of multiples are a tough breed. We will use current products in ways that were unintended or invent things that will keep us one step ahead of our kids. I am just launching a product, On Task On Time for Kids, that I invented when my triplets were five years old and in kindergarten.

About a month after my kids started kindergarten, I realized that I was turning into a nagging, yelling mom getting through the hectic morning routine. Three kids had to be dressed, fed, hair combed, teeth brushed, supplies ready, etc.! I was completely out of control with the time pressure of “making it by the bell” looming over me five days a week. To get the kids to participate, I tried charts, timers, lists, but nothing seemed to hold their attention much longer than a week. Finally, I devised a system that involved moving parts, pictures and words that turned their morning routine into a game.

On Task On Time for Kids eliminates the nagging and power struggles associated with stressful transition periods in a day. It allows parents and children to set up routines for morning, after school and bedtime. Then the children are in charge of completing all tasks in a timely manner.

I sat on this idea for about 10 years, thinking that no other mother ever had to nag kids to get ready for school; it was a triplet family problem. A light bulb went off when my youngest started school, and I realized it wasn’t because of triplets that I had to nag. Children just need a routine and a fun system to manage that routine.

I hope that you will be able to take a few minutes to view the demonstration video on the site and become acquainted with On Task On Time for Kids Click on the video demonstration tab.