Gemini Greetings Launches Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Cards for Families with Multiples

BATON ROUGE, LA (April 24, 2008) – Gemini Greetings LLC (, specializing in greetings cards for families with twins, triplets or quadruplets, announced today the addition of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards to its exclusive line.

These distinctive cards offer a unique way for families with multiples to recognize their parents’ special days. Whether the cards are from twin boys or triplet girls, Gemini Greetings has specialized cards available that cannot be found anywhere else. “As a mother of twin toddlers, I know that finding greeting cards that reflect our family is nearly impossible,” says Angelice Tyson, President of Gemini Greetings. “I wanted to create a line of cards that not only work for families with multiples but also for those that love them.”

Additionally, cards are available for most special occasions and holidays including birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Gemini Greetings will also create, address and mail custom imprinted cards and invitations for busy families.

In an effort to help the environment, all Gemini Greetings cards are eco-friendly, printed on high quality FSC-certified recycled paper.

Founded by Angelice Tyson, a mother of twins, Gemini Greetings is the first greeting card company devoted solely to the celebration of twins, triplets and quadruplets. Providing a full line of special occasion and holiday greeting cards, their designs have been included in celebrity baby gift baskets and have been praised by a number of publications.

Angelice Tyson

Owner & Founder

Gemini Greetings LLC


NOTE: Gemini Greetings’ birthday cards for families with multiples are available in the TwinsTalk TwinsShop!