Entertain Twins On-the-Go with a Cahootie!

We’re heading to Disney World with our soon-to-be six-year-old twins very soon. I’m looking forward to our visit, but not to the long car ride there. How am I going to keep my boys entertained for several hours? I was recently sent a great idea for doing just that. It’s called a Cahootie! Did you ever play with “cootie catchers” as a kid? You may have called them “fortune tellers” or some other name. The only problem was that they usually fell apart after a while, and you got sick of reading the same “fortunes” over and over again. The Cahootie solves those problems! It’s made out of a super-durable material that allows you to use it over and over again. And it comes with 40 reusable stickers that go on the flaps, so you can change them out whenever you’re ready for a new game.

Cahooties encourage interaction by asking questions. For example, my Cahootie, called “My Fab Family,” had the following questions: What’s the next movie we should see?

Where do you want to go on our dream vacation?

If you could have any pet, what would it be?

If you were an animal, what would it be? Why?

What is your favorite family memory? Cahooties come in other themes, too, such as “Wishes and Dreams,” “Best Friends Forever,” “Birthday Wishes,” and “Truth or Dare.” Instructions and a keepsake display case are included with each one. Even better, Cahooties are only $6.99 each, so you can get one for each child! (This is always welcome news to parents of multiples!) Not only are they good for long car rides, but also for waits in the doctor’s office, as birthday goodie bag items, or on family game nights! Visit www.cahootie.com to learn more about this exciting interactive game!