Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More has arrived! People have been asking for a Chicken Soup book about twins and multiples for many years, and it has finally been delivered. I am honored to have coauthored this book with the Chicken Soup for the Soul series founders, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. This newest book is a collection of heartwarming and hilarious stories from parents of “twins and more,” and from multiples themselves, filled with time-tested advice from those who have “been there, done that.” Twins mom and CNN journalist Soledad O’Brien lends her hearty recommendation to this book, saying “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More is funny and moving, insightful and inspiring. Life with twins is a chaotic, wonderful, joyful experience – and this book captures it perfectly! ”

Inside Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More, you’ll read about:

A mother of newborn twins, desperate for “nap time,” who tossed an expensive ham over the fence to keep the neighbor’s barking dog from waking her twins

Toddler twins who escaped from the bath and led their mother on a naked chase around the neighborhood, until one of the twins crouched on the neighbor’s lawn and used it as a toilet

International singing twins who convinced villagers in Papua New Guinea that multiples are a blessing, not a cultural curse

A frustrated mother of triplet girls who got great advice from the cable repairman: Toilet train them one at a time by setting up a competition that included stickers and mommy’s “potty dance”

The new mother who was so sleep-deprived that she panicked over how she would tell her twins apart after their hospital bracelets were removed, forgetting that they were a boy and a girl

These days, it’s hard not to see twins or multiple children smiling back at us from every television screen and glossy magazine. From Jon & Kate Plus 8 to Angelina Jolie, twins and multiples are bounding into our lives from all corners. In fact, according to The Nemours Foundation, between 1980 and 2004 the number of twin births increased by 70 percent. And during the same time span, the number of births involving three or more babies quadrupled. It’s no wonder that people are fascinated by the world of twins!

You can pick up a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More at your local bookstore, here in the TwinsShop, or on Amazon!

NOTE: The comments on this article with names of celebrity twins or parents of twins were entries for a giveaway of this book. The contest deadline has now passed. Thanks to all who entered!