Book Review: Chaos 2 Calm

by Susan M. Heim

“When my husband and I were blessed with our twin daughters, I became aware of the challenges moms-of-multiples are faced with each day. Through my relationships with various moms, I witnessed first-hand how a lack of organization can wreak havoc on moms-of multiples in every aspect of their lives, from their daily routines to even their relationships with their partners.” These words, written by Tonia Tomlin, a professional organizer, explain why she set out to manage her own family life better and, in the process, wrote the book, Chaos 2 Calm: The Moms-of-Multiples’ Guide to an Organized Family, to help other families of multiples benefit from her experience.

Chaos 2 Calm is chock-full of practical advice, handy worksheets and product recommendations for families with twins and multiples. There’s even a CD with the forms, agreements and sample schedules in the book so you can print them out and use them over and over again. You’ll learn things like how to set up an efficient nursery, plan a shower, find good daycare, make your house safe for your babies, travel with twins, and even adapt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Unique bonuses include a sample letter you can send to companies to receive complimentary products offered to families with multiples, a caregiver agreement form, and a schedule for signing up volunteer helpers!

Besides being a mom-of-multiples, Tonia Tomlin is one of the country’s preeminent organization experts. She is the founder and president of Sorted OutTM organizing service, which offers a wide range of consulting and organizing services geared toward helping clients conquer disorganization. Tonia has also been featured in numerous local, regional, and national media print and broadcast media outlets, including HGTV’s “Mission Organization” program. In other words, she knows how to bring calm out of the chaos of raising multiples!

Visit to learn more about Tonia Tomlin, getting organized, and her book, Chaos 2 Calm. This book makes a great gift for parents who are expecting or caring for twin babies!