Best Construction/Building Toys for Twin Boys

Boys love playing with dump trucks. It really isn’t certain why boys prefer to play with “useful” toys that serve a purpose — such as a faux construction tool set, dirt-picking bulldozer, or functional mini crane — but they do. Some experts cite biological disposition. Whatever the case, boys love toys that put their hands to good use, and below are some of the best ones in the industry to add to your twins’ collection.

My Little Sandbox Builder

My Little Sandbox Big Builder is essentially the “ultimate” junior construction site kit for toddlers. This 20″ x 20″ ultrafine wooden sandbox is equipped with everything your twin boys need to feel like real construction management professionals: a bag of gravel, a shovel, life-like mini boulders, building blocks, safety cones, a full crew and of course two construction trucks (one for each kid). Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

K’Nex Collect and Build Construction Crew Dump-Truck Set

This is the perfect toy for boys who love actually constructing objects and seeing their hard work come to life, not to mention it’s the perfect toy to teach your twins about team work. Ideally, your twin boys must build their own toy. The set is equipped with 200 toy building bricks that when placed together create a fully functional dump truck — there is a motorized, battery-operated motor that allows it to drive and move the back bucket. There should also be enough building blocks to construct a portion of a house. Recommended for ages 5 to 7.

Little People Eddie and His Boulder Worksite

This toy set, from Fisher Price, was once included on Parent magazine’s “Toys Worth your Money” list and that’s because it truly is. The toy is exceptionally engaging and hands-on for your small children — ages 24 months to 5 years. It’s essentially a construction site with a “dynamite blasting area,” gas pumping station, and a working crane that moves boulders. It’s a great toy for imaginative play. And since it comes with two moveable construction workers, it’s a great toy for two.

Construction Worker Costume

Last but not least is the construction worker outfit from Melissa & Doug. Since it’s composed of clothing, it too is an ideal “toy” for imaginative play. Included in the set is a washable work vest equipped with reflective material, a hard had, tool belt and even tools such as goggles, a plastic hammer, plastic saw, measuring tape, and a name tag. Only outfit per set, so you’d need to purchase two. Recommended for ages 3 to 6.

Granted these aren’t the only construction/building related toys on the market, but they do have splendid reviews from parents and children alike. They’d make the perfect gift and are sure to entertain your twins for hours.

About the author:

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