Benefits of Joining a Moms of Multiples Group

By Carrie Kauffman

I’m a member of a local Moms of Multiples group. We meet once a month, and it’s a great time to get out with other moms who have twins and more. Our multiples group has several outlets for sharing new ideas and helpful hints. We have a monthly newsletter that includes good articles, and we share what’s going on for the month. We have several activities throughout the year for our families and their children. We have a Halloween hayride, holiday party, egg hunt, and a family picnic.

We have a website where members can ask questions on topics from multiple pregnancy to potty training toddlers. When you have twins, it’s different from having two children close in age. Women in our club have been there, and only they can really understand what you’re going through. A big benefit from belonging to this club is just getting out of the house and sharing your thoughts and ideas with other moms. You can learn so much from just talking or even listening to another mom who has multiples. Moms are able to share their thoughts on raising twins, and new moms get their questions answered by several “seasoned” moms. During our group meetings, we have social time, and then either a speaker, game, or age-appropriate discussions.

The new moms that I met at the group started a play date once a month. There are ten moms and twenty-one kids (one set of triplets). People think that we’re crazy for doing this, but just to get out with our kids and see everyone else is a great time. The kids all hang out and play together. We have other play dates throughout the month for smaller groups.

Joining this group has been a great outlet for me and my family. I’ve learned a lot from the other moms and formed many new friendships. Sometimes, being a mom of twins, you forget about yourself and just concentrate on your children. You need to remember who you are, and doing that will make you a better mom.