Baby Proofing the Dangers in Your Home

One would think that the house is a safe haven for everyone, and it is the place where you turn to so that you can relax and rest. However, that is definitely not the case for your twin babies unless you have taken adequate pains to baby proof your house. Baby proofing requires a fair amount of planning and implementation and, if done well, in time can help you spend the time with your children after they are born. For first-time parents, baby proofing poses a great challenge because they have no idea what babies are capable of. And, when all is said and done, it is difficult to envisage the world from the point of two six-month-olds.

Thinking of Baby Proofing Ideas

The best way to think of the potential areas that need to be taken care of in the house is to get down on your knees and look around. Doing so will give you an idea of how the world appears to crawling six-month-olds. Another aspect that you should remember is that babies are looking at everything for the first time, and it is obvious and natural that they should be curious and inquisitive about each and every thing that they see. While you should allow constructive exploration, keeping everything potentially dangerous out of bounds is required.

Checklist of Potential Baby Proofing Dangers

Some things that you should watch out for include:

Garbage can — The trash can is extremely enticing for babies. It seems like a magic box that Mom opens, and then the thing in Mom’s hand vanishes and disappears into the magic box. The fact that it is all getting accumulated at the bottom to be thrown away later is something that babies do not realize. Curiosity about where the stuff is really going attracts babies, and when they do find out what lies beneath, even then the trash can continues to hold some attraction. Keep it inside a cabinet that is latched so that access is restricted.

Dog food bowl — This is one area that most parents forget to take care of. Dog food is meant for the dog, and the last thing that you want is to have your babies trying to stuff their face with some Pedigree. Ensure that the place where the food is kept is secured and inaccessible. You can use gates or doors.

Medicines and cleaning materials — Many cleaning liquids and medicines tend to be colorful, and this is something that attracts children all the more. All cabinets that are low and accessible to children should be latched using child safety latches.

Sharp and small objects — All sharp edges should be covered, and decoration pieces that have some pointed ends should be kept away till your children grow older. Small objects that can be stuffed into the hold of a toilet roll should be removed from the floor or low tables immediately before your little ones get their hands on it.

Final Considerations

Make sure that you become a super-efficient detective to uncover all the dangers that lie around the house so that you can make your house a safe haven for your twin babies. Obviously, you want to ensure that all the hazards your children can face are eliminated before you welcome them to their new home. This can only be done if you have covered all aspects of baby proofing. To get insight into a series of proven methods and options, check out this website.