Are You a Teenage Twin? We Need Your Help!

Being a teenager AND a twin can be a huge challenge! Not only are you trying to establish your own identity, but it’s complicated by the fact that people see you as a matched set (even if you look nothing like your twin). Bestselling author and mother of twins, Susan M. Heim, is putting together a book just for teenage twins! She’s looking for…






fun stuff

and more

…about what it’s like to be a twin teenager. Do you and your twin switch places? Have you grown closer together — or farther apart — in your teen years? What do you love — or hate — about being a twin? Does being a twin complicate friendships? How does being a twin affect your relationship with your parents? Do you have any advice for other twin teenagers? Do you have funny stories about you and your twin? What do you wish that people knew about being a twin?

If you’re a teenager AND a twin, or have safely navigated the teen years and want to share your experiences with other twin teens, Susan wants to hear from you! Please email her at susan [at] twinstalk [dot] com with your questions or contributions and contact information. Thank you!