April Is National Multiple Birth Awareness Month

The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. (www.nomotc.org) has declared April 2009 the first National Multiple Birth Awareness Month. The following information on their website explains why this month is so important:

“With the incidences of multiple births on the rise, more families are faced with both the joys and challenges that face multiple birth families when dealing with medical complications, both pre- and post-term, financial hardships, and other unique issues that only impact multiple birth children and their families. The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. (NOMOTC), along with its local chapters and other national sponsors, want to focus on creating a higher level of understanding of what those challenges are, as well as what support groups are in place to assist our multiple birth communities…. For 2009, our focus/theme will be on educating our communities on the vast network of support groups that are available to assist families with multiples.”

If your multiples group would like to hold an event to educate parents of multiples, educators, medical professionals and/or the media about the needs of multiple birth families, please visit NOMOTC’s website for ideas, promotional materials, and more. If you’re looking for a local support group to join, you can also find a list of organizations on the site. And, of course, keep coming back to TwinsTalk for online support!