The Best Mattresses for Spinal Support During Pregnancy


Having kids can be a long and tiresome process even under the most streamlined of circumstances. When twins are inbound however—all the normal problems tend to be amplified. Sleep disturbances are more than common among regular pregnancies, and aren’t necessarily that much worse during twins. The mattress you sleep on can contribute greatly to how well you are, or aren’t, sleeping during your pregnancy. We’ve rounded up some of the best mattresses for pregnancies and broken down why they’re the best mattresses out there. These aren’t necessarily qualified mattress reviews since we don’t exactly have a testing lab, but we have some good ideas. Before you can look for a mattress though, you need to understand what you’re looking for!

What to Look for in a Mattress

Mattresses offer great support throughout the night though not every one is created equally. The best mattresses on the market are usually far beyond the reach of any sane budgets but some of the newer models offer some decent pricing. Before you start looking at prices however it’s important to consider the features that will be best suited to your needs. Memory foam mattresses offer great support to avoid painful cramps and pressure points but can get a bit too hot in the middle of the night. Traditional spring mattresses offer great support but lack the plush comfort that many prefer. Newer hybrid mattresses try to offer a blend of both these; they have springs and memory foam. Some of the newer mattress brands like Casper, Tomorrow Sleep, Nectar, Helix, and even Saatva all have designed mattresses to surpass what we’ve grown accustomed to. Many of these mattress brands offer breathable designs that are comfortable as well. Fortunately, they all sell directly to consumers as well so the prices are suuuuper cheap compared to those in stores.

Sleeping Styles

Side, belly, back, somewhere in between—these are common sleep positions that we find ourselves in each night. The way you sleep can greatly impact the type of mattress you should get. Back sleepers need better support to avoid improper spinal alignment. This is best remedied by shopping for a firm mattress. Side sleepers need protection for knees and elbows which can be addressed by softer memory foams. For those that sleep both ways, you’ll probably want something somewhere in the middle that offers a firm memory foam. There are cases in which mattresses will do little for you, such as peeing every 30 minutes. Fortunately, if you are able to get a slightly deeper sleep your body will naturally go a little longer before requiring you to get up out of bed and relieve yourself!

Life After Pregnancy

I know—it’s almost impossible to imagine at this point in time! However, once you give birth and start returning to your normal hormonal balance (it happens) you may realize that mattress you bought in a desperate move to get better sleep during your pregnancy isn’t really so great anymore. This happens more times that you’d believe but can be avoided by using one simple trick. If you’re considering a mattress for pregnancy, consider first what type of mattress you’d prefer if you weren’t pregnant. Chances are, you will likely want a softer mattress now than you normally do. In these situations it is recommended to start small and work your way up. The first, less expensive step, is to buy a mattress topper. These are 2 to 3 inch thick products that resemble giant pillows that cover the top of your existing mattress. This is a good way to add a bit of extra fluff on top, without having to get an entirely new mattress! The best mattress for you isn’t going to be the one that is best for everyone else. You, your sleeping habits, and your pregnancy is unique!

Final Considerations

Twins can be a godsend and teach us many lessons. During pregnancy however, they can really make some things difficult—like sleeping! Taking natural sleep aids or prescription medication is often not advisable during pregnancies and therefore leaves us to consider less biological approaches. Pregnancy pillows and mattress toppers can be great ways to take the edge off but sometimes the best solution is a new mattress entirely. The newer mattress brands on the market offer surprisingly affordable options that can even be customized to accommodate each side. Knowing your own sleeping habits can help you pick out the best mattress for you without the hassle of having to return a misleading product. Pregnancies can be difficult but a nice, soft, welcoming new mattress can help ease the burden!