10 Must-Haves for Twins

By Erinn Stam

Preparing for twins means more than just buying two of everything. As with singletons, there are many items of baby gear that are promoted as “essential” but that parents find they never use after a week or so. When you have twins, you have to be more selective about what gear you purchase (especially when your bill is doubled every time you buy something new) to help ease the increased demands of parenting. Even simple actions like changing a diaper are made more complicated when you are caring for more than one baby. Here are some products that can help make the process a little easier:

Two Cribs

Many parents don’t even use a crib when their babies are newborns, preferring instead to use a bassinet or a co-sleeper. Parents of multiples often put their babies in the same crib when they are small. However, you will eventually need two cribs. Why not just start with them now? Choose convertible cribs that can be turned into toddler beds later so you don’t have to replace them when your babies grow.

Pack n Play

When you visit friends and family, a pack n play, or portable crib or play yard, can be quite convenient. Your babies have a place to play and nap, and you can be sure that they aren’t crawling around in non-baby-proofed territory. You can also use it at home for naps or play time in areas of your home besides the bedroom.

Double Stroller

When you’re on the go, a double stroller can help you easily transport both babies. No need to try to manage two strollers, or to navigate with one baby in a stroller and the other in a sling or carrier. Take the strain off your back and rest both babies comfortably in the stroller, then stow away your diaper bag and other baby essentials in the bins.

Car Seats

Of course, you will need a car seat for every baby that you have. With twins, opt for a car seat that doubles as a carrier. You will save yourself a lot of time when you have to move your babies in and out of the car — especially useful when you are running errands. No need to fuss with the straps until you are finished and back home for nap time (and maybe not even then).

Twin Baby Carrier

When you need more portability than a stroller will allow, and you don’t have the arm strength to carry around your twins in those car seat carriers anymore, opt for a sling or baby carrier designed especially for twins. These carriers allow you to carry your babies on your back or your chest, and some carriers are designed especially to hold twins. (No need to carry one in the front and one in the back!)

Twin Nursing Pillow

Make breastfeeding easier by feeding both at the same time, and give your arms a break with a twin nursing pillow. These pillows allow you to prop up and support both babies while you breastfeed so that you can relax and enjoy the bonding experience.

Backpack Diaper Bag

With twins, you’ll need to carry more diapers and supplies such as wipes, bottles, and creams. A bigger diaper bag can accommodate all this, but it may become bulky and cumbersome to carry. Opt for a backpack diaper bag instead to free up your hands and ease some of the strain on your shoulders.

Portable Changing Pad

Baby changing stations are helpful if you have only one baby to change at a time. However, with twins, you will find yourself changing many more diapers per day and in a variety of locations. Opt for a portable changing pad or mat instead so that you are ready wherever you are.

Diaper Pail

With all the diapers you’ll be changing, you’ll need a good diaper pail to block the odors. Choose a model with strong odor protection. If you find yourself overfilling the pail, buy two.


It can be a lot of work to occupy and entertain two babies at the same time. Bouncers and other activity seats can help you by giving your baby a safe place to sit that includes fun toys and stimulation.

When your twins were young babies, what gear did you find essential to helping ease the first few months? What gear did you find was totally useless? Tell us in the comments!


Erinn Stam is the Managing Editor for online nursing schools. She attends Wake Technical Community College and is learning about nursing schools in KS. She lives in Durham, NC with her lovely 4-year-old daughter and exuberant husband.